Customer Service is #1Customer service is No. 1 at Burlington Feeders. At our present capacity of 18,000 head, we are the perfect size for the customer who wants to be treated as an individual, not just another pen number in a large corporate situation. Our commitment to be the best and most efficient, insures our customer the best possible closeouts. With a vast network of qualified buyers, we can supply our clients with consistent and value added feeder cattle. Burlington Feeders also maintains an inventory of cattle to offer to our clients.

Cattle Investments OpportunitiesWe are surrounded by an abundant source of high-quality feed. This allows Burlington Feeders to access cost effective commodities that reflects directly to cost savings for our customers. In turn, this supplies premium beef for the end consumer.

Marketing finished cattle is a high priority at Burlington Feeders. We are conveniently located near four major packers, which allows finished cattle to be inspected weekly. All marketing options - Live, In the Meat, Grade & Yield Grid, or Formulated - are considered to insure the customer gets top dollar for their investment. Burlington Feeders also recognizes the need and value in sorting cattle, as well as, the value in an informed and up-to-date marketing program.

Burlington FeedersNortheastern Colorado produces mild weather cycles, which are conducive to more even feeding cycles. We do not experience the extreme temperature ranges our competitors to the North and South often encounter. The mild climate, combined with our natural southern slope, helps us provide cleaner and drier pens for your cattle. But, perhaps our greatest asset at Burlington Feeders is the quality of our staff. Our cowboys, processors, feeders and office personal believe in giving their best each day to our customer's the cattle and the cattle feeding industry.

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